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"I have eaten Superfood & berries mixer in a lunch smoothie almost every day for a year now and I feel great. I notice a big difference when I eat my daily smoothie - I have more energy, get more energy and I feel much better. also fits my lifestyle perfectly: I make a quick, simple and nutritious lunch and get more time for other activities.Hormone Harmony,Health Haven andMagic Mind. "Birgitta

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“I love Superfood and berries mixer which keeps me healthy all year round and helped my hormone balance which led to even better training results. Protein Power brownies together with dates and cocoa is a standard that treats during the autumn when you need a little extra energy. Wind


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“With Superfood, I feel strong and more mentally focused in everyday life. Today I have found a long-term and healthy lifestyle with good exercise flow and good diet. The best moment of the day is breakfast when I mix Protein Power with Turkish yogurt, berries and pumpkin seeds! Lisaa


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”I have eaten and drunk Superfood & berries products all of 2021, I am fitter, feel better ALL month, have fantastic iron values for a woman my age, they say on the blood donation, cleaner skin, feel like my body is in balance. That with natural ingredients feel as good as I do now is super. Many thanks! Elin


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Maria's 5 best tips for better health


  1. Maximize with fruit and vegetables in the colors of the rainbow.
  2. Supplement your diet with Superfood mix.
  3. Drink plenty of fluids.
  4. Opt for clean foods without additives.
  5. Acknowledge what makes you happy in life!


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"I recently started using S & B's powders. I like them because they make my everyday life easier. I know I give my body enough nutrition without having to think too much about it. I just add a tablespoon to my smoothie or protein shake. My favorites so far are Hormone Harmony and Protein Power. " - Felizia


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"I have been using Superfood & berries powder for 4 months, started withHormone Harmomy which I put in my porridge every morning. After a while I also started drinking teaMagic Mind, really like the peppery taste.

I have experienced great change in both hair and nails. I got steel nails and hair quality has improved significantly. Have taken other supplements before just for hair (lost some when I combed) and nails (which have been flexible), but never experienced such an improvement until now (especially surprised when it is winter time). "."

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