After beach smoothie

Drinking plenty of fluids is one of the simplest and most effective health tips and is even more important during the summer when we sweat more. A superfood smoothie with herbs, watermelon and strawberries contains a lot of water, vitamins and electrolytes and helps to moisturize the body quickly, helps you recover energy and gives the skin a beauty cure from within.


1 banana
2 teaspoons Berry Beautiful superfood mix
1-2 dl fresh lemon balm (can be replaced with other green leaves or herbs)
1 apple
1-2 dl diced / sliced ​​melon
1 dl mango
10 fresh or frozen strawberries
2 dl water

Do this
Put all the ingredients in a blender and run for at least 1 minute. Pour into a glass or bowl and top with berries, herbs and puffed quinoa.

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